United Chaplains State of New York

When There Is A Need... Our Chaplains Are There! 
Cuando Hay Una Necesidad... Nuestros Capellánes Están Presente!


-Rev. Dr. Jose Torres


-Chaplain Milagros Fernandez

Secretary/Director Of Education

-Chaplain Maria Vega

 Director of Public Relations

-Chaplain Juan Gabriel De Jesus

 Director of Investigations

-Chaplain Mark J. Weinstein

 Legal Counselor

-Minister Amanda Gonzalez

 Director of Bursar/Membership

-Reverend Gene Greene

 Security Director

-Chaplain Gladys Delgado
 Organization Vocal

-Minister Louie Negron

 Director of Hospitals & Hospice

-Rev Juan Pichardo

 Director of Prisons & Emergency Response

-Chaplain Victor Matos

 Director of Athletic League