United Chaplains State of New York

When There Is A Need... Our Chaplains Are There! 
Cuando Hay Una Necesidad... Nuestros Capellánes Están Presente!


Quotes God has used United Chaplain State of New York to encourage me to grow outside the church, Minister to the lost in the street, And share the gospel with the least of these. I want to thank this minstry and for those who have believed in me. When I didn't believe in my self. Many of you know who you are and names will not be mentioned. I have been priviledged to be accepted to one of the prestigiuos Christian Universities in the country, and God lead me to this minstry to acomplish that in my life. I will forever be grateful, I will continue to pray for my leaders in this minstry and those over me and those who have sown into my life. I can never repay all that United Chaplain State of New York has done. I believe in miracles and wait on God for the answer.Faith will bring it to pass. Keep pressing forward chaplains, United in the love of Jesus, We will win this fight. Blessings to all my fellow chapalins............In his service always Chaplain Doris Sehen. Quotes
Answered Prayer

Quotes I just want to take the time and express my Thanks to Rev. Jose Torres for giving a reccomerndation to the job that, I have been doing for the past three years. Thank you very much. Quotes
Ivette Rivera
Former Volunteer Chaplain

Quotes Praise GOD!! for the United Chaplains I been a volunteer Chaplain for over three years, the chaplaincy opened the prison doors by way of prisoner of the mind ministry and united chaplains God's word can be heard at the federal prison in Brooklyn,and at two nursing homes in b'klyn,again I praise The Lord for United Chaplains state of NY,Inc Your Brother in Christ Jesus ! and glad to be a Chaplain Nick La Brocca Quotes
Nick La Brocca

Quotes Just to express my gratitude for the things that you do to make a difference in our various communities. As a Registered Nurse for some time, I found that the Chaplaincy program opened the door of opportunity for me at the local hospital in my neighborhood as a Volunteer Chaplain... I enjoy what I do and patients and their families are appreciative of the spiritual insight that I can impart and for my prayers. Love you all. Quotes
Evelyn Pamintuan, RN