United Chaplains State of New York

When There Is A Need... Our Chaplains Are There! 
Cuando Hay Una Necesidad... Nuestros Capellánes Están Presente!


        Through the employment of a comprehensive life application syllabus and instruction, United Chaplains State of New York is preparing ordained journeymen as well as laypersons for urban ministry.  Reaching out to the everyday forgotten population which can cohesively project 65% of any given neighborhood. 

       The United Chaplains course consists of a rigorous  12 week training program designed to bring a holistic Christian perspective and applicable solutions to everyday life threatening situations within our communities.

The 12 week course covers:

       Domestic Violence; Counseling; The New York State Court System; Interacting in volunteer service  with NYPD; Patient Care & Hospitality Ministry; Funeral Service Ministry; Prison Ministry; The New York State Correctional Facilities; Prison Re-Entry Ministry; Youth & Gang Intervention Ministry; Youth Mentoring; Senior Citizens Ministry; Enrollment in NYC Citizens Police Academy Training; Participation in Bronx DA's Office Workshops; Citizens Emergency Response Team Training; and so much more.

       United Chaplains State of New York, Inc. clearly recognizes the need for the body of Christ to begin to truly work together as is so clearly documented in the Scriptures, "One Body, One Christ, One Gospel."  The  need to work together is as alive today as it was during the primitive and apostolic church times. 

     Though the times and scenery have changed, the Great Commission is still very much our God given responsibility as we form partnerships and alliances with both Christian and secular organizations such as the Department of Corrections, NYPD, FDNY, the Board of Education, the Department of Justice, The Bowery Mission, Urban Youth Alliance, Teen Challenge, Esperanza, Promise and so many others.

       Now, we are asking you to form a partnership with us!  Learn how you too can be more effective in your church, your community and the Kingdom of God. 

There is no time like the present... JOIN NOW!